When you have chosen to purchase gear, The Destination has a “Trade In” program that’s right for growing children of all ages. Unlike our competitors we also allow you trade back your adult sized gear that you have purchased for your children. As most parents know most 12 year olds are already using adult sized boots well before their feet have stopped growing

Trade in your gear and get a percentage back and then use that towards another purchase of equipment or put it towards signing up for our Lease Program. Our lease program allows you endless size exchanges for one or two season time periods.

Junior Equipment

(Skis or Boards)
Season 1: 50%
Season 2: 35%
Season 3: 25%

Adult Equipment – if purchased for a teen

(Skis or Boards)
Season 1: 40%
Season 2: 25%

Things to remember

  • You can trade in any component of your purchase, i.e.: Boots only, Skis or Board only, or the whole package
  • The above percentages are based on the condition of the gear – of course.