22nd Annual Parking Lot Sale April 9th and 10th – Don’t Miss it!!

Vancouver’s Favorite Custom Bootfitters are working the Parking Lot Sale at the Destination.

We have great prices on boots both inside and outside in our parking lot. If you are looking for boots with our well known fit guarantee, book an appointment, come inside and choose from a wide selection of new boots. And be fitted with by favorite custom bootfitters. If you are looking for a bargain because you are just beginning to ski, you are buying boots for a growing child (teenager)  or you are outfitting an entire family and you are on a budget – then no need for an appointment, just step into our covered back parking lot and we can help you out there. If you are just shopping for skis, then don’t forget to bring your boots with you and we can adjust the bindings. On the spot. At no charge. A fee will be charged if the bindings need to be moved.

Tired of being on the hill with a jacket and pants that you got for Christmas back in the 90’s. Not only are they no longer waterproof but to be honest your kids are a little embarrassed. If this is you then don’t wait to come in and check out the wide selection of jackets and pants.

Are you still wearing the Hot Chillys underwear you’ve had for decades.  C’mon, time to change it up. We have Icebreaker, first and second layers, on sale, 20%  25% off. Unheard of.

Don’t miss out. Be there. Saturday morning. 9am