5 Training Tips to Improve Your Ski Performance This Season

The leaves are falling, the mercury in your thermometer is dropping, and the calendar’s pages are slowly flipping forward. Normally, people wouldn’t be too excited for summer to be over, but you’re a skier and you can’t wait to head out to your local Vancouver ski shops and get back out on the slopes! Here are a few ways that you can start training (or keep training) and shake that rust off before winter truly arrives.

1. Body Weight Exercises

These exercises are easy, cheap, and will keep you in shape year-round. Notable standout workouts include lateral box jumps for your quads and lower body explosiveness, front and side planks for abdominal strength, and push-ups and pull-ups for shoulder and bicep strength and mobility. Staying fit doesn’t require a gym membership — it just requires dedication and limitless creativity!

2. Buy Cheap Equipment for Amazing Results

People are skeptical of cheap equipment, but even something that looks like an oversized rubber band can pay huge dividends on a black diamond run. Doing band walks with a rubberized band around your legs is a tried-and-true resistance workout meant to strengthen your groin and hip flexors. Doing medicine ball tosses or twists and using balance balls for crunches really help push your abdominal workouts into overdrive.

3. Try to Find a Trampoline

Even if you can’t afford a trampoline, try to find a training center or a trampoline park Maybe you have a friend with one in their backyard. There is probably no better way for learning tricks, developing balance, training abdominals and having a good time! Olympic athletes often train on trampolines during the off season, mainly to try new techniques and maintain their senses of perception and awareness.

4. Take Up Other Athletic Activities

Not one for extensive training in the off season? Make training fun by trying your hand at mountain biking, skateboarding or hiking. Cardiovascular exercise is so important, but many of us despise looking at the boring gym walls for hours on end. Change it up and get out of the house with a brand new hobby!

5. Focus on Nutrition

Eating a balanced diet has never hurt anyone. If you’re training hard, you need to back that hard work up with ample protein to properly build muscle mass. Even if you’re a vegetarian, protein should never be far from your mind — beans, nuts, eggs, broccoli, brussels sprouts and lentils are all loaded with the stuff that’ll make your workouts stick to your bones!

These training tips aren’t gospel, but they’ll certainly help you get off to a fast start once the snow starts coming down. For the best ski equipment Vancouver is the best spot to be. Make sure to come into Destination Ski to get bootfitted for the season, and we’ll see you out on the mountain!