And who said we wouldn’t have a ski season?

All you weather naysayers out there, here comes the ski season.

Have you taken a look at the snow reports for our local ski hills? Well how does 24cm overnight sound -way to go Grouse, or 45 cm overnight – good on ya Baker, or 52cm last night – look out Whistler here we come.

If you haven’t thought about it already, it is time to dust off your skis, clean up your boots and hit the slopes. Wait a minute if you have to dust off the skis they probably need a hot wax. This is the minimum maintenance required for your skis prior to getting on the hill. Bring them into us and Cam at Race Base Ski Services will look after you and your skis. We can assess the condition of your skis in the store and advise you of the correct course to take – hot wax or tune up.

Next get your boots, dust off the cobwebs and do a visual inspection. Make sure all the buckles are still intact. Look at the soles and make sure there is still life in the toes and heels.

Lastly, take a look at your clothing and accessories. Are your googles cracked? Is the foam still intact? Look for rips and tears. Do the zippers still work? Can you still get the pants done up? If you have children, have them try everything on. Make sure everything fits. Do the old ‘kid shuffle’, passing down anything that still fits someone in the family.

Now make a list of what you need to replace and come down and visit us. No sense in coming in and not be prepared.

We have everything you need in stock so don’t wait until you are at the ski hill, paying ski hill prices