Custom-Fit, Comfortable Boots From Skilled Boot-Fitters

Do your boots give you trouble before you even hit the slopes? Does one foot feel OK but the other is just not right no matter how many boots you buy? The professional boot-fitters at Destination Slope & Surf Outfitters know your pain.

As we say to our clients, “The functioning, or biomechanics of your feet, ankles, knees and hips are all affected by the…kind of boots you have on your feet.”

If the materials are strong and supportive yet flexible, if the fit, edge and arch supports are correctly calculated for the shape of your foot and the style of your skiing/boarding on the slopes, they’re less likely to give you trouble.

We can address difficult to fit feet, wide feet, sore ankles and more.


Whether you are a novice skier or a seasoned veteran, a professional boot-fitter will always start by evaluating the shape and structure of your feet. That will be followed with a discussion of the boot problems you may have experienced, your skills and the level of aggression with which you address the ski slopes. This approach has some wonderful benefits:


The old, uncomfortable concept of “breaking in” a pair of boots is essentially eliminated because comfort comes from the custom alterations our boot-fitters make to the shell and liners of your boot.


Control of your skis and, therefore, of your skiing style, is increased by the more precise fit in key areas of your feet and legs.


The length of time the structure and performance of your custom-fit boots will last is significantly increased.


Buy your ski or snowboard boots from us and our Custom Fit Service is No Charge!


Better Boot Comfort…Better Boot Performance