You Don’t Want to Miss out on These Spring Deals on the Hills

Grouse Mountain at spring ski season

Winter skiing can be terrific but the real treat in a ski season is in the Spring. Warmer weather, softer snow, the smell of new growth all add up to a mountain experience that many people miss. There is always something happening on the slopes – including the odd bear sighting -yet most people don’t really know a lot about it. That could actually be an advantage for you, since there are many spring deals that you won’t want to miss out on. Continue reading for info on some of the best passes that you should buy before calling the ski-season off:

Whistler Blackcomb Resort

One of the most popular passes is for Whistler Blackcomb. Their spring season deals are especially worth your while.

One reason why this pass is so popular is because the spring season is much quieter on the mountains. Most of the tourists aren’t there in the spring to ski as there is lots of hiking, biking to enjoy. So when weather warms up fewer people are on the mountains to get in your way!

Check this out now – the pass is $159, and it lasts to the end of the season, which is May 22.

Grouse Mountain

This is another good mountain to hit. They don’t call it the Peak of Vancouver for nothing. When you’re skiing down the hill you’re looking across Burrard Inlet towards the downtown core and out past Point Grey all the way to Vancouver Island. In the Spring you can also look in on the Grizzly bear compound or enjoy a snowshoe trail. Not bad anytime but right now you can buy a Spring Ski Pass for $89 and have unlimited skiing or boarding to the end of the season. With all the snow we are still getting who knows when that might be!

Of course, there are many more mountains to choose from, such as Cypress Bowl or Mt Seymour. Both have their own spring season passes. The point is that there are many options for you, your family, or friends to consider. Skiing and snowboarding are not just winter sports anymore so get ready to start a new spring tradition.

Want to get ready for these spring deals? Come by The Destination for all custom boot fitting, skis, boards, clothing and accessories. Make it a spring to remember for you, your family and friends.