Every Day Gets Us One Step Closer to Winter

After the Summer Solstice all I can think of is “the days are getting shorter”. It’s one day closer to ski season.

And the Vail Corp have just given us another reason to be excited. The 2 Day Edge Card, only available until September 3rd. You better jump on it before it is too late.


I know it has been an amazing summer. Floating in the pool, hitting the beach, watching the fireworks and going on road trips. And who doesn’t like a good road trip with your best bud.

Seriously though. Admit it. You are thinking about the upcoming ski season. So are we at The Destination. We are busy making progress at our new location (267 Pemberton Avenue). The walls are going up, the lights are being strung, the benches are being constructed. We are pretty excited. After 30 years in our old store it was time to shake it up and make some changes. And we have.
We are closed for holidays and our Pop-up store will re-open on August 21st when the staff return. At that time, we will start moving into the new store. Our goal is to be fully operational in there by the 4th of September.