Flylow Gear has arrived

Nine years ago I decided to take a chance on a small brand based in Denver, Colorado. Flylow Gear.               

That small order of two jacket and two pant styles for men has grown Flylow Gear into a major, year-round brand at the Destination and Surf Outfitters.

We carry both Mens and Ladies styles. 1st, 2nd and 3rd layer pieces for all 4 seasons. Flylow Gear continues to stay on top of technologies with innovative fabrics and styles. It is our staff brand. We all own pieces of Flylow Gear. From hiking overalls that wick moisture and are quick to dry, all the way up to the Baker Bib. Breathable, Waterproof and Durable.  The Flylow Gear flagship piece.

The Baker has been in the lineup for many years and Flylow Gear may have tweaked the style over the years but hands down it is the best shell bib available, anywhere. Just check out this review, one of many Flylow Baker Bibs – Review 2023 – DIVEIN  If you are  not into the baggy look, Flylow Gear also offers a similar model, called the Tannen (or Moxie for ladies). It is every bit as technical, just a little more streamlined.

And lets not forget the ladies, Moxie and Foxy Bibs.  All the bells and whistles of the Baker and the Tannen, although built for a woman


Whether you are shopping for the Baker, Tannen, Foxy or Moxie, we have lots of choices.

Previous year’s colours are up to 30% off regular price.