Great Summer Sale, Just in Time for your Vacation

Most of you are familiar with Destination for it’s great service and selection during the winter months for all of you skiing and snowboarding needs. What you may not know is we offer the same service and selection for summer watersports. We carry Skimboards, Wakeboards, and Paddleboards. Jjust not Surfboards. We have found in the past that our customers prefer the inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards, so that is our focus, with 5 different models from 2 companies. We tried to focus on the best – Connelly and Cascadia – one based in Washington State and one based here in North Vancouver.

We also carry a wide selection of Connelly Towing Tubes (one, two and three rider models), Water skis , combi and slalom, Wakeboards and Kneeboards. To go along with these items we have all the necessary ropes, handles and bridles.

And lets not forget the pool toys. We have Flamingos, TRex, Cheeseburgers, Donuts, and more. Beverage boats for that pool party. We also have inflatables suitable for river rafting – Horses and Beavers. The river tubes come with tie ropes so you can link them together as well as beverage holders.

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