Pool toys

Mom, I’m bored! There’s nothing to do-ooh.

Have you heard that yet?

Barely out of school, the sun is shining and that kid-specialty whine doesn’t take long to surface, does it?

But you know, whether it’s splashing in a pool wearing water-wings, learning how to swim at the local aquatic centre, or diving into the deep end to show off their skills, kids and teens never seem to tire of being in and around water.

So if you dread your child’s complaint and have a pool or a safe, kid-friendly beach nearby, your heroes at Destination Surf & Slope can float to your rescue in a heartbeat.

Already well-known and respected for our winter gear and great summer paddle-boards, we have a great selection of inflatable pool toys from Canadian Distributor, Stortz Toys and Connelly watersports gear to satisfy every water-sprite and would-be dolphin in the family.

So to quiet that “Mom!”, why don’t you pop down to see us, where we can show you our line-up of non-medicinal boredom cures?

Floating Toys

Pink flamingos – NOT meant for your lawn.

Depending on age and energy, our inflatable flamingos and their elegant white swan cousins, are great for playing on, with, or under. Complete with an appropriate amount of sunscreen, you can also lie on them yourself to soak up the rays, or to have a peaceful read while gently rippling up and down on sparkling, aqua-blue water.

Party-times and pool games

Planning a pool party?

This is where our pool pongs and mermaid tails become the must-haves for family summer fun.

When you’re done with the BBQ and the pot-luck plates have disappeared, you can either have fun scoring a hilarious game as your friends play floating pool pong, or look up the rules for a serious competition.

As for the mermaid tails, not only are they attractive gear and huge fun, they make great ab exercisers, too…once you know how to swim like a mermaid, that is. Yes, you.

Because, although we have given you just a taste of the fun your kids can have in the water this summer, nearly all of the floating gear we offer can be enjoyed every bit as much by the kid at the heart of you.