Monday July 31st10:26 am0.2 Metres
Tuesday August 1st11:16 am0.1 Metres
Wednesday August 2nd12:03 pm0.1Metres
Thursday August 3rd12:46 pm0.6 Metres
Friday August 4th1:28 pm0.6 Metres
Saturday August 5th2:10 pm1.2 Metres
Sunday August 6th2:52 pm1.8 Metres
August 7th to 11th Take a Break
Saturday August 12th8:59 am1.0 Metres
Sunday August 13th9:49 am0.9 Metres
Monday August 14th10:33 am0.9 Metres
Tuesday August 15th 11:11 am0.9 Metres
Wednesday August 16th11:45 am0.9 Metres
Thursday August 17th12:15 pm1.1 Metres
Friday August 18th12:44 pm1.5 Metres
Saturday August 19th1:12 pm1.5 Metres
Sunday August 20th1:42 pm1.9 Metres
August 21st to 27th is the best time to go back to school shopping
Monday August 28th9:12 am0.6 Metres
Tuesday August 29th10:07 am0.5 Metres
Wednesday August 30th10:56 am0.4 Metres
Thursday August 31st11:41 am0.6 Metres
Friday September 1st 12:23 pm0.9 Metres
Saturday September 2nd1:03 pm1.4 Metres
Sunday September 3rd1:45 pm1.9 Metres
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