Go for a HikeGet back to the beach on August 10th
Wednesday August 10th9:52 am0.3 Metres
Thursday August 11th10:42 am0.3 Metres
Friday August 12th11:29 am0.3 Metres
Saturday August 13th12:12 pm0.5 Metres
Sunday August 14th12:54 pm0.9 Metres
Monday August 15th13:34 pm1.4 Metres
Hey kidstake a break
Wednesday August 24th9:41 am1.1 Metres
Thursday August 25th10:21 am1.1 Metres
Friday August 26th10:56 am1.0 Metres
Saturday August 27th11:29 am1.1 Metres
Sunday August 28th12:01 pm1.2 Metres
Monday August 29th12:33 pm1.5 Metres
Tuesday August 30th1:06 pm1.8 Metres
Time for Back to School Shopping
Thursday September 8th9:36 am0.7 Metres
Friday September 9th10:25 am0.8 Metres
Saturday September 10th11:09 am0.9 Metres
Sunday September 11th11:50 am1.2 Metres