Watersports – Tubes and other towables


Watersports – Tubes and other towables

Whether drifting alone along a lazy river, having fun on a two or three-seater tube with friends, or carving into choppy water behind a boat or jet-ski, locals and tourists alike are discovering towables like never before.

That’s good news for the crew here at Destination Surf & Slope because not only can we supply you with all the gear you could possibly want, we offer experienced safety advice about how to enjoy these sports all summer long.



Tubing is hilarious fun on the water for all ages.

Our single tubes are the Big O, Swept Wing and Connelly Mach 1™.

Popular choices for double tubes are Connelly’s Dually Deluxe and the Mach 2.

And if you want friends or family along for the ride, our 3-person choices are the Mach 3, the Viper 3 and the Outrider 3.

Any of our 3-seater options would be an especially good choice for parents or caregivers who want to take kids younger than 10 along for a slower ride.

Accessories for these and other brand-name tubes are heavy-duty 2- or 4-person tow ropes, well-fitting wetsuits, jackets and lifejackets.


Water-skiing has to be the crème-de-la-crème of sports for B.C.’s summer waters.

“Head up, eyes straight ahead. Shoulders back, knees and ankles bent, weight on the back of your feet. Arms straight out and both hands on the tow rope.”

If you’ve remembered all that you are good to go – provided, of course, you are properly kitted out.

When Destination is asked about affordable, quality water-skis, the Connelly Eclypse™ design comes top of mind. Described by the company as “forgiving, yet responsive combo skis…that allow easy, deep water starts”, Eclypse skis have “soft, adjustable neoprene bindings and give a smooth, predictable ride.”

Destination Surf Summer Packages and Policies

Whether you decide on some of the products described above, or want to try some of our other product options, Destination Surf offers a great performance guarantee: If you don’t like the way your chosen skis perform, we’ll put you in a new pair and you just pay a demo fee.

Ask, too, about our summer rental packages for surf gear – tubes, skis and more can be picked up after 4 p.m. the day before you want to get out on the water and returned by 10 a.m. the day after.