We fit boots. Hiking Boots!! And sell great summer clothing suitable for the trails

Hiking Boots with the same fit guarantee as our Ski Boots




       Sulfur S GTX                      Rush Mid GTX                        Boreas GTX                         Terra GTX                              Magma Mid 2.0 GTX

             Mens $230                      Womens $235                      Womens $269                Mens and Womens $295                     Womens  $259

This is a sample of the hiking boots that we have to offer. Most of our hiking boots are waterproof (Goretex) which makes for a perfect boot for our Westcoast conditions. Book an appointment to have a fitting the same way you book for ski boots.



In addition to our Hiking boots we also have a good selection of clothing suitable for hiking from both Flylow and Icebreaker. Suitable Hiking apparel has some or all of the following attributes:

                                                             1. Breathability

                                                             2. UV Protection

                                                             3. Stretchiness

                                                             4. Quick Dry




       Life Jumper $125            Hawkins Shirt $95        Anderson Shirt $95      All Around Town

                                                                                                                                                    Romper $160




                                                      Anderson Shirt $100   Trailworks Pants $115     Bandit Shirt $105            Safari Shorts $90

                                                                                                                                                  River Cowboy Hat $35