Designed to fit. Built to last.

When we set custom bootfitting as one of the cornerstones of our business, we had to put all of our business thinking into that framework. It is necessary to provide a wide selection of boots to satisfy the needs of skill, athleticism, body type, and on-hill goals. Due to that it is equally important to “get it right” with the choices of skis, snowboards, jackets, pants, poles and all else to do with the mountain experience.

We believe there is value in the knowledge and experience of our staff and that adds value to the range of items we choose to put on our shelves each season. We pick what we feel best suits the needs of our customers be they beginner or expert.

Every pair of boots can be custom fitted. Every pair of skis suits a certain skill set or skier goal. Every ski jacket we sell is waterproofed in some way. You get it.

Fashion is nice – function is everything.

Ski Boots

Great brands sold by Vancouver’s favourite bootfitters. Custom bootfitting included with purchase with a one year fit guarantee.


Every year our staff test skis on the local hills and provide the buying team with valuable feedback. Our skis are chosen for our ski hills, our snow conditions and our customers.


We buy brands with tough construction and great rides. Stop by our store and check them out.


The all important accessory we all need for a day on the hill.


Style? Of course. But our stuff works too. Dry, warm and washable. See for yourself.

Accents & Accessories

Complete the look while staying dry and warm.